Last night I had a blast hanging with my girls! We ate a delicious dinner at Luna Grill (they also make fabulous mango mohitos), followed by a few hours of singing and dancing at the Muse karaoke place in Annandale. Its great! You get your own little booth to sing with your friends, no need to get up in front of a room full of people in  a bar, or having to wait forever for  “your turn” to sing. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to go back! Here are a few pics…

Me and Janelle

Me and Janelle


Christine and Kim
Christine and Kim
dancing to Hey Ya!
dancing to Hey Ya!
Shake it, sh-shake it!
Shake it, sh-shake it!



Starting fresh

I love January! (Despite the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing here in DC) This time of year provides the opportunity to relax after the craziness of the holidays, reflect on the happenings of the past year, and start out with a clean slate for the new one. I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, mostly because I can never keep them, but as I’ve been reading several blogs and magazine articles on the subject, I found a few that I thought were both practical and reasonable. 

1. To update people’s contact information in my phone and address book as soon as I receive the update.

2. To take action on mail when I receive it, instead of letting it pile up on my desk. (This includes filing important docs)

3. And finally, to fold laundry as it comes out of the dryer, and put it away. (I really have a hard time with that last part)

I think I will try to do these this year…but don’t hold your breath. 🙂 

As I look forward to what 2009 has in store, I can’t help but be excited! I will complete my graduate management project (the paper I’m always working on), finish grad school, travel, enjoy spending time with family and friends, move to Italy, and that’s just the beginning! 

I know God has amazing things planned, and I am so excited to be growing in my relationship with Him. I joined a small group through McClean Bible Church a few months ago now, and I am really enjoying getting to know the women in my group and watching how God is working in each of our lives.

Holiday Update

Ok, so I know this is a review for some, but I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to catch up on what I’ve been up to over the past year…

2008 began with a wonderful new addition to the family – Rusty – a puppy I adopted from the animal shelter where I volunteered while living in Texas. He and Titus get along great, and I love having them around.

Rusty and me

Rusty and me

In April I completed my first triathlon, the Lonestar Sprint Tri in Galveston, Texas. I also competed in the Iron Babe Super Sprint Tri in May and the Brierman Sprint Tri relay in October – My team took first place in the women’s relay division! (I should point out that we were the only team in that division, but we still got our first place medals! – Go Navy Chicks!)

Tracy & Natalia after completing our first Triathlon

Tracy & Natalia after completing our first Triathlon

Tri #2

Tri #2


1st Place Champions!

This year I was afforded several opportunities to travel home to Maine to visit, enjoying a week at the lake this summer, my 10-year high school reunion in the fall, and almost 2 weeks for Thanksgiving. It’s a good thing too, since I recently got my orders and will be moving to Naples, Italy in July 2009! I hope to come home to visit at least once in the spring, and am also planning a trip down south to visit family in the Carolina’s before I leave as well.

Relaxing at the Lake

Relaxing at the Lake


September 08

As I look forward to 2009, I am excited to see what the future holds. I am almost done with grad school and should be graduating in August with a dual Master’s in Healthcare and Business Administration. I’ll be moving to Naples to work at the Naval Hospital, and I plan to do lots of traveling around Europe while I’m there. I also expect to begin training soon in order to compete in a few more triathlons this year as well.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a happy holiday season.

Happy New Year!


SO…it’s been a while.  Since I left Texas I have been busy: I traveled home to Maine and spent a week at the lake, went white water rafting in West VA, attended my 10 yr high school reunion, competed in a tiathlon relay, and traveled home to Maine for a few weeks at Thanksgiving too.

Life back in the DC area is great! I found a great condo to rent, and have a great roomate to share it with. THe boys are doing well and love the new area too. There is a dog park within walking distance of our place, so we try to get down there a few times a week.

School/work is going well. I’m doing my residency for grad school at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery in DC, and in July, I’ll be moving to Naples, Italy for a few years. I can’t wait!

My hope for 2009 is to be more diligent at posting updates… we’ll see what happens!

Arlington…Here we come!

   Well, the past few weeks have been a bit crazy, but they are over.  I successfully completed all my final exams and projects, and I passed my oral examination boards. That basically means that I passed the didactic phase of my graduate program and can move on to my residency. It also means I earned my alumni card!  Whoo hooo! 

   Even better news, is that I finally found a place to live in Arlington!  Kim and I have decided to be roomies again and found a great condo to share in Fairlington. I can’t wait to get there and get settled in. The movers will be here next week to pack up all my stuff, and then it’s time to hit the road!

   Mom will be flying down for the graduation ceremony here, and then driving up to Maine with me. It should be quite the trip with the 2 dogs in the back of the car, but we’ll have fun. Then, after a week of R&R at the lake, I’ll be back in the DC area once again.  I’m not sure how much internet acess I’ll have after next week, so this may be my last entry until I arrive. See ya’ll soon!

Only 3 weeks to go!!!

Wow!!!  I can not believe how quickly the past few months have flown by!  I have failed terribly at keeping this updated regularly, and I apologize.

Since my last entry, I finished my third semester in school and I’m almost done with the fourth one too! Only 2 more weeks of classes, and then a week of finals..Whoo hoo!  Then I get 2 weeks to pack up all my stuff and get on the road for a new adventure back in DC.

I will be taking a detour on my way to head up to Maine for a visit during the week of July 4th. It should be quite a trip with the 2 pups in the car, but I’m looking forward to a week on the lake and a chance to rest and relax. Then we’ll be off for DC. I’m still looking for a place to live there, so househunting is taking up a lot of my time right now. I did find someone to rent my house in San Antonio already, and I am very happy about that!

In addition to being very busy with school, I have also be doing some triathlons. I did the Lonestar Sprint Triathlon is Galveston back in March, and then the Ironbabe Super Sprint Tri last weekend in Houston. They were both great, and I can’t wait to do my next one when I get to DC!  See below for pics of me, Natalia, and Kim…

Lonestar Tri:


Ironbabe Tri:












And here’s a few pics of da boyz:


Where did January go?

Wow! These past few weeks have flown by. School is keeping me busy as ever, but it’s been managable so far. Titus and Rusty are still getting along great. Here are a few more pics of the new pup…

rusty-jan-07.jpg     me-and-rusty.jpg